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  • A Guide to Delivery

    GENESIS, the largest private Maternity Hospital in Northern Greece, aims to remain at the forefront and pave the way for one of life’s greatest joys—having a child. We built a Maternity Hospital that embraces and looks after all mothers from conception through pregnancy and delivery, as well as all newborns from the very first moments of their life. All departments have been created to assist motherhood in order to carry out our vision.

    Every day, 24 hours a day, GENESIS’s Department of Obstetrics hosts the miracle of life in an optimal environment!

    We appreciate your trust in us during this important time in your life and look forward to having you visit us before giving birth so that you can tour our rooms and facilities and get a feel of the setting in which you will deliver.

    We would like to inform you that for the prevention of transmission of the new variant of COVID-19, the following measures are in effect until further notice:

    • All internal cases (parturient and surgical cases) may enter the Clinic having a negative PCR of 48 hours.
    • All escorts, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not, will undergo a PCR test before entering the Clinic.
    • Prturient’s escort will only be able to visit the day after the delivery with the already existing PCR.
    • In surgical cases, an escort is allowed only in the single beds after a negative PCR, provided that they do not leave the Clinic.
    • In single bed rooms, parturient’s escort is allowed to stay, provided that they do not leave the Clinic or change with another relative.
    • All escorts of threatened pregnancies will be allowed to visit only after a 48-hour PCR and outside the hospital ward.
    • A 48-hour PCR is required for all procedures performed under general anesthesia or short-term general anesthesia (intoxication). It also concerns gastrointestinal interventions.
    • In operations with local anesthesia, the vaccinated or those infected during the last trimester should be submitted to a rapid test before the operation, while the unvaccinated to a PCR.
    • In order to carry out cardiotograms, ultrasounds, CT scans or MRIs, a 24-hour rapid test is required, regardless of whether examinees are vaccinated or not, and their escorts are not allowed to enter the Clinic.
    • All those entering the Clinic are required to use an FFP2/KN95 mask or a double surgical mask or a mask plus face-shield.

    Guidelines for the Department of Obstetrics

    We ask that you pay close attention to the following details in order to better prepare and make your stay more enjoyable:

    Before giving birth

    Promotional Package for the Department of Obstetrics

    • Women who undergo complete ultrasound testing at GENESIS are entitled to a room upgrade for delivery. For example: 1st Trimester Ultrasound / Nuchal Translucency (NT) Ultrasound & PAPP-A and Level II Ultrasound, Doppler combined with one of the above 1st or 2nd trimester ultrasounds or Amniocentesis.

    What to bring with you on the day

    Preparing a maternity bag with the things you’ll need both during and after childbirth is a good idea. As there is a possibility that you will give birth days or weeks earlier than your anticipated due date, we advise that you have everything prepared during the eighth month of your pregnancy. What to pack in your maternity bag:

    • Nightgown
    • Underwear (optionally disposable)
    • Nursing bra and pads
    • Clothes for your discharge day
    • Toiletries (e.g. toothbrush, shower gel, etc.)
    • On your discharge day, you will need a baby onesie and a carrycot.

    A baby store and a mini market are located inside the Hospital, where you can purchase such products. To better serve you and your visitors, the Hospital also houses a flower shop, a café-restaurant, a confectionery-chocolaterie, a jewelry store, and an National Bank of Greece ATM. ATTENTION! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the confectionery-chocolaterie and the jewelry store remain closed until further notice.

    Choosing your room for your upcoming stay

    Patient rooms and wards are given significant weight by GENESIS. Regardless of their bed capacity, every room has a bathroom, refrigerator, cutting-edge medical devices as well as furniture made to accommodate patients’ nursing needs. They all have welcoming colors and decorations, roomy interiors, and amenities like free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and TV. The following room categories are available:

    • Suite: Double room with a divider separating the lounge from the bedroom; option to select meals in a luxurious manner of serving; meals for your escort at no additional cost; ability for your escort to spend the night; personal hygiene items and a bathrobe; designated parking space; champagne and a bouquet at the front desk; and provision of toiletries for both you and your escort.
    • DELUXE single-bed room: spacious room with a view / option to select meals; meals for your escort at no additional cost; ability for your escort to spend the night; personal hygiene items and a bathrobe; designated parking space
    • 1st Class single-bed room option to select meals; ability for your escort to spend the night; personal hygiene items and a bathrobe
    • DELUXE double-bed room: room with a view / personal hygiene items / private TV / room divider between the beds
    • 1st Class double-bed room: room with a view / room divider between beds
    • 3-bed room: room with a view / room divider between the beds

    Delivery and Stay

    Where to go

    The delivery rooms are located on Level -1 of the building. The Department of Obstetrics has an independent external entrance (Parturient Front Desk), with a separate parking area, however, you can always access the Hospital through its main entrance. In any case, the staff will welcome you and take you to the Department.

    ATTENTION! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Hospital can only be accessed through the main entrance on the Ground Floor.

    Your Escort

    Only one escort, either the expectant mother’s husband or another person of her choosing, may escort her to the Delivery Suite. Escorts are required to adhere to Hospital’s rules and attending Physician’s instructions, as well as to wear the appropriate clothing provided by the Front Desk midwife.

    ATTENTION! A RAPID test must be taken by vaccinated escorts of inpatients (one escort per inpatient) within 48 hours of their entry. A PCR test must be taken by non-vaccinated escorts of inpatients (one escort per inpatient) within 48 hours of their entry.

    Visiting Hours

    ATTENTION! Please be informed that, pending further notice, visitors are not permitted in any type of room or for any patient case, in accordance with Ministerial Decisions for the protection of the public health. Single-bed rooms only: an escort may stay with you, but they CANNOT reenter the Hospital once they leave the premises for any reason.

    New application process for Birth Registration (online)

    To better serve and help first-time parents, GENESIS was the first to implement an online birth certificate application process. Birth Registration process now takes place at the Hospital by authorized staff using the relevant Civil Registry Information System application. The presence of one of either parents is required. Documents to provide upon your entry to the Hospital:

    • national IDs of both parents
    • bank account number (IBAN) where the mother appears as an account holder or joint account holder
    • mother’s electronic address (e-mail)
    • in the case of third-country nationals, the passports of both parents and their residence permits, all officially translated into Greek: 1) marriage certificate and 2) family status certificate
    • recent marriage certificate or civil partnership, if any

    All additional supporting documents are automatically pulled from the Civil Registry or electronically searched WITHOUT the need for further parental involvement. In this simple way, Birth Registration is completed and electronically sent directly to the Registry Office of Pylaia. The Registry Office then issues the Birth Certificate, and the issuance of AMKA (Social Security Number) is done in REAL TIME while other public services are simultaneously notified.

    Exclusive breastfeeding and possibility of “rooming–in” in all room categories

    Acknowledging the benefits of breastfeeding, GENESIS supports breastfeeding with specialized staff, while providing the option of “rooming-in” in all room categories 24 hours a day, as well as the possibility of exclusive breastfeeding. Additionally, there is a designated area in the nursing wards for nursing newborns to make exclusive breastfeeding easier.

    Postpartum Courses

    You can attend the “Postpartum Course”, Daily from 12:30 to 13:30, for FREE during your stay, where knowledgeable staff will educate you about breastfeeding and newborn care issues and will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

    Optional Newborn Screening

    GENESIS offers you the option of newborn screening for 45 metabolic diseases, vision and hearing problems by qualified healthcare professionals. If you wish screening tests for your newborn, please fill in the special form that will be handed to you at the beginning of your stay.

    Optional Hospital Newborn Photography

    GENESIS collaborates with an external photographer for optional hospital newborn photography. A professional female photographer will start taking the photos after receiving your written consent and adhering to all necessary COVID-19 safety precautions. The photos will be shown to you in your room by the photographer herself.

    Free Psychological Support and Counseling

    All patients who come to GENESIS for childbirth or surgery receive FREE psychological support and counseling as part of the ongoing upgrading and advancement of our services. Support from a specialist can specifically result in psychological decompression and provide useful guidance under the stress of a) childbirth and/or C-section, b) a surgical procedure, or c) a prolonged hospitalization. Mental stability and overall health of the patients we treat at GENESIS are our top priorities.

    Discharge Day

    You’ll be informed by your doctor when you’re ready to leave the Hospital. A C-section typically requires a four-day hospital stay, compared to three days for natural childbirths.

    Post-discharge Service

    Free visit to the Hospital’s pediatrician (within 3 days of discharge)

    GENESIS, acknowledging the importance of the first days of a newborn, offers you a free visit to the pediatrician at the Hospital, within 3 days of discharge. You can ask for more information about this service during your stay.

    Breastfeeding Helpline

    With the help of skilled midwives, GENESIS has launched a Breastfeeding Helpline (+30 2310 984515 and +30 2310 984559), where you can get answers to questions about breastfeeding over the phone.